Size: 29 x 36

Heck To The Nay Adult Panel

Heck To The Nay Adult Panel

29 x 36 Cotton Lycra awesomeness. Prints are digitally printed on 220 gsm 95% cotton 5% lycra four way stretch fabric. There may be small flaws or smudges along the selvedge; this is normal and will not be considered flawed. Fabric may have small white spots, ink marks, or other tiny flaws. Anything that can be covered by a dime is considered normal and we allow 1-2 of these per yard of fabric, due to how easily these are to work around. Fabric has approximately 50% stretch and great recovery. This is a medium-weight knit and is perfect for tee shirts, leggings, dresses, you name it!

Fabric will ship within a week and ANY SHIPPING OVERAGES OVER $1 WILL BE REFUNDED

Kitty Friendly Home

Please Note: Items come from a wood burning and kitty friendly home.
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